The Art of Closing the Deal


Hey there,

It’s Todd. I’m excited to share with you the secrets of mastering the art of closing the deal. In this week’s sales tip, I dive deep into the techniques that will empower you and your corporate sales team to effectively seal the deal.


Let’s face it, relying solely on written proposals is a low-success tactic. I’ll shed light on this revenue-killing issue: according to LinkedIn, 73% of decision-makers do business-related research in the evening when your sales team is unavailable. It’s during these invisible moments in your sales process that deals are slipping away, causing your revenue losses.


But fear not, because video selling strategies are here! Oh and they will be for the rest of your career because they work brilliantly! You won’t believe the remarkable benefits of incorporating video into your sales approach. I’ll show you why video is a high-success tactic that surpasses the limitations of written text, captivating prospects and forging emotional connections that lead to closed deals at FREAKISH rates!!

Let’s talk about the three psychological needs each of your buyers have. Each buyer has the need for 1) clarity, 2) certainty and 3) collaboration.. Relying solely on internal champions to fight for you behind closed doors, using the game of telephone doesn’t cut it. That’s where video comes in. I’ll share how leveraging video empowers you and your team to provide persuasive pitches, infuse excitement, and inspire certainty in your prospects.

Don’t just take my word for it; let me share an inspiring success story from my client that exemplifies the transformative power of video strategies:

I had the privilege of working with Faith, the national sales director at Myriad Genetics. Together, we developed a tailored sales process and showed her team how to utilize video to enhance prospect understanding strategically.

With over 200 salespeople, we trained them to feel confident on camera and implement these proven strategies. The results? Nothing short of amazing!! At the end of the year, Faith sent me a heartfelt text message, declaring it was their best year in 14 years. Even their CEO was astounded, stating that in his 35-year career, he had never witnessed such a turnaround in such a short time! Faith’s incredible achievements left everyone in awe.

But that’s not all. Faith’s dedication and mastery of these strategies led to her rapid promotion from National Sales Director to General Manager. And within a year, she became the President of the prestigious $2 billion company. Her story is a testament to the immense potential and career growth that awaits those who embrace video strategies and master the art of closing the deal.

Now, it’s time to transform your team into closing champions! Discover why training your team in video strategies is essential to consistently get into the decision-making room and win more revenue!

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