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  • Voted 'Rising Star 2019'
  • ​5x Telly Award Winner for Video Marketing
  • ​93.6% retention rate for Tony Robbin's webinar

About Todd

Todd Hartley is the rockstar of remote selling, video marketing, and sales optimization. He delivers high-octane keynotes all around the world on topics such as:
  • Selling remotely in an access-restricted world
  • Using video to replace face-to-face engagement
  • How to create binge-worthy marketing experiences that hack your prospect’s attention and build momentum through the sale
  • ​And more...
His track record for being years ahead of his industry is why billion dollar companies, celebrities, and world leaders hire him to develop their sales and marketing strategies. Some of his clients include Tony Robbins, Justin Timberlake, MD Anderson, Home Depot, and an American President. 

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"Todd Hartley is a video marketing genius!"
Tony Robbins
Robbins Research International
"When I compare my team’s results to competitors, the ROI impact of Todd’s strategies are obvious."
Faith Zaslavsky
Myriad Genetics
'Todd’s on the leading edge and his strategic vision is golden! His presentations are not to be missed.'
Scott Nickels
Home Depot
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