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Trends & Disruption

How to Use Video to Hook Prospects Attention, Prioritize Follow Ups, and Shorten Sales Cycles 

Today, sales access to prospects is at an all-time low, with prospects avoiding or refusing to interact with salespeople. For businesses committed to surviving this inevitable transition, this is a mission-critical priority. If your sales team is finding it difficult to book meetings with prospects, there is a better way. In this speech, Todd will show sales and marketing leaders how to use video to pivot and prosper in this new world. You’ll discover how to:
  • Position your business to exceed the expectations of today’s buyer
  • Turn your website into your best salesperson
  • Train your marketing & sales teams to accelerate your sales process

Innovation & Creativity

Bulletproof Storyselling: How To Create Binge-Worthy Buying Experiences

Brands who create and share great stories have a powerful advantage over others. When prospects watch your stories, they are more likely to adopt your product and experience the transformation you offer. In this speech, Todd will reveal how to combine story principles with video to keep your prospects glued to your screen, so you can transfer the knowledge and beliefs that make your product or service a no-brainer investment. You’ll learn how to:
  • Identify your best marketing stories 
  • Use stories to accelerate the sales process
  • Transform your website into your best salesperson

Innovation & Creativity

How Businesses Use Video To Sell Faster In The Information Age

Video has taken over the marketing world. Many marketers consider it the most effective type of content. And they’re right. But as the magnitude of video continues to snowball, marketing leaders are under greater pressure to understand and improve the performance of video investments. In this speech, you’ll discover how to create an effortless, on-demand buying experience using video AND how to prove ROI to key stakeholders.
  • Build your audience on social and become recognized as a thought leader
  • Discover little-known strategies to educate visitors quickly so they buy faster
  • How salespeople use video to close 3x more deals

Leadership & Motivation

Overcoming Adversity and Turning Crisis Into Opportunity

Sometimes, life punches you in the gut and you’re completely unprepared. It could be an illness, breakup, job loss, financial difficulty, or losing a loved one. Adversity comes in many forms, and it can cripple you if you let it. But with the right mindset and tools, you can bounce back stronger in spite of it. In this speech, you’ll discover how to turn adversity into your advantage so you can stay focused and confident during trying times. By the end, you’ll feel more poised in your ability to lead, influence, and inspire those around you. 
  • Lead yourself through adversity & come back strong after hitting “rock-bottom”
  • Become an exemplary leader who influences and inspires others to persevere
  • Recognize and seize the growth opportunity in your crisis

Customer Experience

The Netflix Economy: How To Create Binge-Worthy Buying Experiences

Today's prospects do not want to burn mental calories learning about your business. In fact, most buyers are too lazy to read text. Customers now expect to arrive on your website and experience an effortless, on-demand and binge-worthy buying experience. In this presentation, Todd explains how to create highly persuasive business content that pulls prospects through your sales process like they’re on a slip n’ slide. Attendees will leaving knowing how to:
  • Make it quicker and easier for prospects to understand how you help them
  • Transform your website into your best salesperson
  • Make your information feel hyper-relevant and personalized

Trends & Disruption

Where is Google Going, and How to Profit by Positioning Your Business to Grow in Google Flow

Early in his career, Todd started a new website from scratch and generated 36 million views in his first year without spending a dime on advertising. How? He understood what Google wanted and aligned his business to meet ‘the Big G’s’ recommendations. Google is even more relevant today. In this speech, you’ll discover where Google is going and how you can align with their best practices to accelerate your business growth.
  • Discover why Google wants your site optimized for mobile
  • Learn how to take advantage of Google’s new Page Experience ranking factor
  • Identify on-demand buying experiences that help you sell to today's consumer

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