Learn the 3 Magic Moments When Salespeople Create Videos and Win the Deal


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Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

@ 12:00 pm EST/9:00am PST

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Todd Hartley

Speaker – Video Sales Rockstar

Todd Hartley’s do it yourself video selling strategies helped his clients win over $6B in deals last year!

While training thousands of businesses around the world to increase their sales results, Todd Hartley discovered there are three psychological needs buyers have.

When business leaders and salespeople provide for these three secret needs, people buy from them in less time and more often!

Over the last decade, Todd Hartley has successfully taught Fortune 500, aggressive start-ups and solopreneurs, how to increase their revenue 31% – 103%!

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“Todd’s training is so valuable, my businesses and clients are executing his strategies with extraordinary results.”

– Tony Robbins

What You Will Learn In Todd’s Free Training

In this one hour, small group webinar, Todd will train you in identifying 3 magic moments in your sales process and how to close 31% – 103% more deals.

Your Key Takeaways:


Discover how to successfully warm up the relationship prior to the first meeting


Learn how to properly respond when your prospect experiences confusion


Find out what you should do every time you submit a proposal or your prospect tells you to send over the agreement


About Todd

Todd Hartley is the rockstar of remote selling, video marketing, and sales optimization. He’s the CEO of WireBuzz, plus one of Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery faculty speakers, who has trained each of Tony’s 100+ businesses on how to accelerate their sales process.

Todd’s strategies earned his sales and marketing optimization agency WireBuzz a spot on the Inc 5000 list, as one of the fastest-growing privately held businesses in America.

His clients include Justin Timberlake, MD Anderson, and Home Depot.


“90 days after Todd’s training, we had a major blow out quarter with 31% growth and $119M in sales!”

– Robert LoCascio, CEO, LivePerson


Seasoned Finance Entrepreneur

“Todd Hartley is a total genius. I attended one of his training sessions, within 24 hours applied his strategy, and immediately landed a six figure deal.”

Claudia Dienemann Precht

Coach / Consultant

“I did my first sales, thanks to Todd’s advice. So go for it. I sent a video to somebody. I saw a red flag and I was able to close the deal on Friday.”

John Williams

White House Chairman, President’s Cancer Panel

“My career has taken off since I engaged Todd and started the breast cancer school for patients. Not only has it flourished and touched millions of people around the world within a couple of years, but it ultimately led to me being appointed by the President of the United States to chair the president’s cancer panel that advises the President of the United States on how to improve cancer care in the country. And I would not be there if I didn’t develop that platform. But more importantly, I had the idea, but Todd had the vision to implement that idea, and I would not have been able to achieve it any way other than if I had not met Todd and found Todd to help.”

Matt Iseman

American Ninja Warrior Volume Increase Final

“And then Todd Hartley, I absolutely loved. And I wrote to him and I ran into him at UPW. And it’s so fun to get to tell him in person, how much I appreciate it. I’m on camera for my job for the past 20 years. He was teaching me so much about how to do more impactful videos. And I just thought for so many people who are in this virtual world, the lessons he gave, I thought were worth their weight in gold in terms of how you interact with your customers, how you create value, and he was doing it from a content point of view, but also very helpfully from just a logistical point of view about the technology you need, how to actually use it. Things I think aren’t very intuitive for people.”


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