The secret to faster sales is adding

From ice-breaking to closing deals, this all in one video sales tool accelerates in-person and remote sales results.


Simple video creation

Quickly create the 3 types of DIY videos sales should leverage to win the deal

Text or email videos

Easily send prospects your sales videos via text or email, plus recieve real-time notifications when recipients demonstrate interest

Track leads + prioritize follow ups

The built-in sales person’s CRM uses ClarityAI to automatically evaluate each buyer’s interest, ranks and prioritizes hottest prospects

What you’ll get

On-Demand training videos for every feature

Clarity comes with short training videos designed to help you generate better in-person and remote sales results. Learn directly from the rockstar of remote selling Todd Hartley

Quickly Create Proposal Videos that Win Deals

It’s never been easier for salespeople to create high converting proposal videos that close new revenue at freakish rates

Remotely Spy on your Prospects

ClarityAI provides “Digital Body Language Indicators” that covertly track prospect interest and prioritizes which leads are ready to buy right now

Stay on Point Using the Built-In Teleprompter

If you work in a highly regulated industry, are new to the job, or have new products, Clarity’s teleprompter will keep you on message while recording

Increase Prospect Interactions by 5X

Salespeople who communicate with warm prospects via text messaging have a huge advantage. Clarity enables you to send personalized one-on-one videos via text messaging.

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